Barry Weber has being designing websites since 1997, long before many had an email account or been online. Experienced in typesetting and graphics from a printing background, using computerized typesetting equipment since 1979. Programming for Amiga computers and advanced excel spreadsheets as well as Filemaker Custom Database Developer. These skills come together to provide expert design and creation of websites for your business or organization.


  • Professional Website Design
  • Hosting & Email Support
  • Advanced HTML5 Animation
  • Professional Commercial Photography
  • Intelligent and Search Engine Optimized Copywriting
  • Mobile specific Site Design for Phone and Tablet
  • Traffic tracking



Do YOURSELF the biggest favor you can for your design budget...COME HERE FIRST!

Every day, Often businesses waste their money and resources with Amateurs who have no knowledge of color separation, trapping, Pantone Color Matching. Worse yet are often Home Based Designers or so called Ad Agencies only to find the files unprintable and redoing their mess costs more than we would have charged to create far superior designs to start with! Discuss your goals and ideas with me and experience the refreshing feeling of having skillful designs combined with technical excellence!




 40 Years Graphics experience in Typography & Design by computerized Film Systems since 1979! I have created Adobe Illustrator designs and Logos since 1996 and can run circles around the newbies that have done one or two projects in school, or stole a copy of some graphics program to do it for you out of their home. Manual Trapping, Pantone Color Specifications, Postscript Native devices for output and proofing!


Immediately when the iPhone appeared we were co-developing website designs that would load instantly on the iPhone and show graphics in h264 mpg4 files. We can design one site for the computer reaping the animated feel of flash and have a content based site for the iphone for pertinent data viewers may seek.




Often so called web-design firms in the area simply use templates and just fill in your information, providing no custom design. The drawback to using CMS Sites with Templates includes security issues and updates, many plug-ins that come with templates are often discontinued or never updated to support new security issues and sections of the site design no longer function as intended. Rather than spending money on maintenance upkeep on some template a custom design saves money year over year. I am licensed with the full Adobe Creative Suite using the finest Apple Computers and Software to produce custom websites that are unique and attention grabbing.


When necessary, I can also create a website that you can update yourself if you prefer to do it yourself with frequent information and images to update.




  • Logos in Spot Pantone or CYMK colors with true Vector Graphics in Adobe Illustrator
  • Manual Trapping of Spot Color Logos for Overprint
  • Copywriting and Full Concepts & Design of Promotional Print & Online Materials
  • Full Product Photography
  • Location and Facility Photography
  • Camera RAW Files on all Photography (not inferior JPG)
  • Imagery Created with Print and Online Use from the Concept
  • Color Calibration Capability that will Amaze you with accuracy and consistency
  • iPhone/iPad h264/html5 site design
  • Extensive Filemaker Custom Database Development