QR CODES on Trailhead Maps

Barry Weber designed a Mobile Bike Trail Guide

for traveling bikers to feel at home regardless what part of the Lake Wobegon Trail that they are on.


The Site is Specifically Designed to work like an App on their phones.


QR Codes are on signs at each Trailhead Map. The QR code is scanned with a smartphone and brings the biker to the website at a unique page address to count their accesses.


TRAILHEADS are the towns with stops along the bike trail. Each click opens an accordian menu to reveal applicable choices.


At each Trailhead page, there is another accordian menu offering choices of:

  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food
  • Convenience Stores
  • Accommodations/Hotels
  • Community Links
  • Historical Interests
  • Recreation
  • Parks


Selecting any category reveals businesses or items of interest along with a contact phone number, proximity to the bike trail and a Link that is specially coded to invoke Google Maps and show the target location along with their current coordinates providing distance and route to the target.


The Google Plus Pages are linked into these addresses provides hours and more relevant information.



Highlighting each park and the best path from the bike trail to the local parks for that break from riding.


In addition to locations along the trail, each local event or festival is also listed so that people can choose to use the bike trail as a route to the event, or avoid local festivals and crowds as they choose. Some of the events included in this listing are


  • Church Bazaars
  • Local Town Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Live Music
  • Food Festivals


A great deal of time and research goes into providing links to further information on various events.



Since the Lake Wobegon Bike Trail covers many miles, the terrain, shade cover, and slope can vary from area to area. Barry Weber photographed the entire lengths of the trail recording each marker which is a half-mile interval along the trail East to West and North to South.


The Trailhead Locations are featured in a special page on the mobile site with direct Google API map links to zoom directly to each Trail Head along the Bike Trail.


All photography on the Mobile Trail Guide Galleries and website design is by Barry Weber.



There is a Blog section included in the Mobile Trail Guide to alert bikers to construction, detours as well as last minute information on the rides that the Lake Wobegon Trail Association sponsors.


The various posts made on the blog are easily previewed in a specific for mobile manner much like an App. Be sure to check out all the features of this Mobile Trail Guide from your smart phone at: